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Australian Journal of Social Issues (AJSI)

The AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ISSUES is published by the Australian Social Policy Association to provide an inter-disciplinary forum for debate on significant and controversial social policy issues. It deals with questions of social justice as most broadly defined. Articles discuss particular social issues, review conceptual problems, present empirical studies and debate policy alternatives. The journal is editorially independent of the Association and the universities to which editors and contributors are affiliated.  

Peer Review

AJSI is a fully peer reviewed journal, indexed in Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), ISI Thomson Scientific Index and by the Australian Public Affairs Information Service (APAIS).


Publication of this journal is managed by Wiley. You can access it via Wiley's online library, or refer to this brochure for information regarding the AJSI's aims and scope and how to sign up for content alerts.


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Our Team


Ben Edwards, Australian National University

Katherine Curchin, Australian National University

Associate Editors

Elizabeth Adamson, University of New South Wales

Natasha Cortis, University of New South Wales

Kathleen Flanagan, University of Tasmania

Deirdre Howard-Wagner, Australian National University

Boyd Hunter, Australian National University

Gyu-Jin Hwang, University of Sydney

Francis Markham, Australian National University

Cameron Parsell, University of Queensland

Tim Reddel, University of Queensland

Karen Soldatic, Western Sydney University

Zoe Staines, University of Queensland

Mandy Yap, Australian National University

Editorial Officer

Esther Lee, Australian National University

Editorial Board

Janeen Baxter, University of Queensland

Bruce Bradbury, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW

Bettina Cass, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW

Ilan Katz, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW

Alison McClelland, Productivity Commission

Jan Pakulski, University of Tasmania

Peter Whiteford, Crawford School, ANU